Trade discounts available--please email a copy of your resale certificate for a trade account. 

Our studio  & office is located at 4 Carriage Lane, Suite 209, Charleston, SC 29407. Send us a message to make an appointment. 

To commission a painting by Jennifer Latimer, please complete the contact form. If you are in the Charleston, S.C., area, I will usually come to your home for a consultation (small fee does apply). Many buyers like to discuss their space, style and tastes...and I get to see first-hand where the painting will reside. Lighting, dimensions, etc., are all factors I consider. I also take photos, so I can reference them, if needed, when designing your piece. 

If you are not in Charleston, clients will usually send me a photo or two of their home as well as color and other design inspirations for the painting. Then, it's off to creating your design!


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